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At Athletic Alliance, we're not interested in hiring performers to parrot out taglines for us- we're looking to give back to the amazing athletes who've made us what we are! Alliance Athletes need to be genuinely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what we stand for, and they need to share our value in sportsmanship, perseverance, and drug-free athletics.

**Every athlete who submits an application/review will receive a free sample pack and shaker cup.

Please note that while we’d love to be able to sponsor every eligible athlete who contacts us, we receive far more applications than we have the time or resources to tend to.

Only those who are selected will be contacted. Athletes who don't meet the Eligibility Requirements for our Elite Team are encouraged to join the Alliance Beta Team.

(Beta Team application instructions coming soon!)​


Alliance Team Eligibility

* Minimum of 18 years of age-

* Actively competing at a National level or Higher

* Embodies the values of the Athletic Alliance, including, but not limited to: good sportsmanship, perseverance, and drug-free athletics

* Is enthusiastically engaged with his or her athletic community

* Active on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

* Currently using, and knowledgeable about, Athletic Alliance Sport Supplements products

* Preference is given to athletes involved with the Athletic Alliance Beta Team


Sports Open For Application

We are currently accepting applications from athletes of all sports, but are most interested in Crossfit and other outdoor sports. Please note that we have a large roster of Powerlifters, and space for additional athletes in this sport is both limited and very competitive.


How To Apply

If you meet the above Eligibility requirements, please submit your completed, spell checked, sponsorship proposal either view the electronic form below, via e-mail or fax. Your proposal must include all of the following:

* A recent, high-quality photo of you

* A Short written review of an Athletic Alliance product/products you are currently using

* A 20-30 second video testimony of an Athletic Alliance product you have used

* An explanation of who you are, and what makes you a good fit for the Alliance Elite Team

* A list of your recent athletic accomplishments/awards

* A list of your upcoming competitions


If you have any links to YouTube videos of you in competition or training, those are greatly appreciated. Please submit your proposal as follows:

SUBJECT: Elite Team Application - [Your Name]

TO: David McGrigor